Review “For the Sake of the Game” edited by Laurie R. King and Leslie S. Klinger


Edited by Laurie R. King and Leslie S. Klinger

Some truly fantastic authors have come together to offer up stories inspired by the Sherlock Holmes canon. This latest volume in the award-winning series has everything to choose from. Whether you are a lover of fantasies, or mysteries set in the beloved Arthur Conan Doyle world of Sherlock and Dr. Watson, or even wish to read a graphic tale that focuses on “insectoid analysis,” you will find each and every one of them here.

This new anthology follows after “Echoes of Sherlock Holmes” and “In the Company of Sherlock Holmes,” and is absolutely sensational. With a treasure chest of award-winning authors that include the likes of Harley Jane Kozak, F. Paul Wilson, and so many others, this incredible tome is not just rooted in the past. Although stories of Holmes and Watson solving crimes do show themselves, imaginations go far and wide of Baker Street.

To take just a couple of examples from the slew of A+ stories, Peter S. Beagle offers up “Dr. Watson’s Song.” It is a song/poem that reaches into Watson’s mind and pulls out both his love and annoyance for his partner, and shows the reader his true understanding of Sherlock Holmes and the cost his friend has to pay in order to be the greatest crime solver of all time.

Another great author, D.P. Lyle, presents “Bottom Line.” In this present-day mystery, with southern accents abounding, readers follow Billy Whitehead as he tries to find out how Carl Draper landed in the Scoggins’ Funeral Home. Although everyone believes it was a suicide that took him down, Billy knows a murderer is afoot.

To speak about every one of the tales is impossible, but let us just say that this is a true celebration of Sherlock and would make Arthur Conan Doyle extremely proud.

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