Review “Five Days, Five Dead” by Carol Wright Crigger


By Carol Wright Crigger

This newest tale in the China Bohannon series allows readers to catch up with China as she sits inside her Doyle & Howe Detective Agency with her little dog on a cold winter’s day.

The peace is interrupted when a man opens the Agency’s door and rushes in, looking for China’s help. His fiancée’s sister has been kidnapped and a ransom has been demanded before they will return her unharmed. Trouble is, the man looking for the detective’s services has an inkling that this is all some sort of set-up.

The new client goes by the name of Sepp Amsel, who has made a ton of cash through his gambling hall/saloon. The big event coming up in his life will have Sepp standing at the altar and saying “I do” in one of the wildest weddings that has ever taken place in Washington state.

With her finances running low and the agency not bringing in much money as of late, China takes on the investigation and immediately turns to the soon-to-be-bride for more information. After all, it seems a little odd that a kidnapper would steal a sister instead of the woman scheduled to become the Mrs. Amsel. With the ransom due in two days, China must find the sister before it’s too late. But kidnapping is soon usurped by murder, with one happening right behind another. A tailor, a bellhop…China starts to wonder if justice will be served and the bad guys will be found before the entire wedding party is taken out.

This author has produced many fun reads when it comes to China Bohannon, and with this she even dedicated her tale to the town of Spokane, Washington. Not only does she get the freezing temperatures and cold setting on paper perfectly, but she also loosely bases the book on one of Spokane’s very own flamboyant characters.

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