“Wicked River” by Jenny Milchman


By Jenny Milchman

If you’ve ever taken a river voyage, or even ridden Splash Mountain at a Disney theme park, you’ve felt your adrenaline soar. Your palms start to sweat, your core temperature starts to rise, and your heart beats faster as you near the white water rapids. Well, that’s the same feeling you’ll experience from page one straight to the end of “Wicked River,” because author Jenny Milchman has crafted a seamless thriller.

Natalie Abbott and Doug Larson, two twenty-something Manhattanites, are getting married in an idyllic wedding in the mountains of Upstate New York, and they have chosen to take a peaceful canoe trip down river for a remote, romantic honeymoon. From the time she reaches the Blooming Garden Inn, Natalie is filled with both excitement and trepidation—two emotions common to both a bride-to-be as she prepares to walk down the aisle, and to someone who first pushes off shore and steps into a canoe. Natalie is about to do both.

Jenny Milchman pulls us into the lives and worlds of not only Natalie and Doug, but also their families and friends. During their trip, we delve into a story that is a stunning portrayal of life, love and relationships—the factors in this world that are truly important to all of us.

The analogies in “Wicked River” are many, but at the core of this incredible thriller is a microcosm on relationships and trust. You know when you pick up this book that you’re in for a thrill ride, but what you get is so much more. You will ride the emotional juggernaut from love to hate, from sympathy to empathy, and from trust to betrayal, to the moment when….

You didn’t think I was actually going to give away the ending, did you?

All that needs to be known is that this is a story filled with anxiety, angst, and adrenaline; an emotional steamroller that will leave you begging for the next Jenny Milchman thriller to be released.

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