“The Pharaoh Key” by Preston & Child


By Preston & Child

This is one writing team, as we all know, that causes the adrenaline to race every time they release a new book. Their incredible characters, from Aloysius (“Xavier”) Pendergast to Gideon Crew, make all book lovers drool.

This time, it is Gideon Crew who is back to entertain and intrigue. Just as brilliant as ever, this thief/adventurer/scientist is the one who is highly surprised when this book first begins. Eli Glinn, a former employer of Gideon’s, has literally disappeared and no one has a clue as to where he could be. In addition, the man’s lab, Effective Engineering Solutions, has also shut down with no warning or word to anyone as to why it went dark almost overnight.

Gideon soon finds out from a former coworker named Manuel that EES was working on something highly secretive; something that could, possibly, change the world. We are talking about a tablet that was the property of an undiscovered civilization: The Phaistos Disk. (For those who are into the truly historical, this Disk happens to be real. Created from fired clay and discovered at the Minoan palace of Phaistos on the island of Crete, it’s still surrounded by mystery.) With markings and pictures on both sides of this odd-looking coin, it may just hold a key to unleashing the power that could save Gideon’s life.

With only months to live, this may just be the last bastion of hope Gideon has to find a cure for his own body’s predator, while also solving a puzzle that has stumped the scientific community since, perhaps, the Bronze Age.

As always with this team, Preston & Child have done their homework and taken a very interesting relic in order to produce, once again, a story that will have readers thrilled and excited and begging (still) for more of their creations to come as fast as possible.

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