“The Moscow Deception” by Karen Robards


By Karen Robards

Karen Robards and great reads go hand-in-hand. This latest release, book two in The Guardian series, becomes yet another “must read” for those who are truly engaged by Robards’ writing and the action-packed world of international spy thrillers.

Bianca St. Ives is extremely smart. She uses her wealth of gifts to remain the highly talented con-woman and thief she’s become. It’s not often that someone this smart finds themselves in trouble, but the unveiling of a secret from her past has led Bianca to become more than stunned. When a thief is off their game, that’s when the predators come calling, which is exactly what’s happening to Bianca now. She has become the prime target of a group of assassins that will do anything to bring her down.

Engaging her brain and trying to overcome the surprise of her life, she attempts to come up with a plan to stay alive. But just as this all comes to pass, Bianca must also deal with her own father and a job he’s involved in.

Father and daughter, while trying to evade a posse of trigger-happy killers, go on the hunt to recover a treasure that was stolen by the Russians during WWII. These priceless artifacts that once belonged to royalty by the name of King Priam, must be unearthed and returned to Germany. Why would Bianca throw herself into a heist of such mammoth proportions when her own life is on the line? Because information comes along with this treasure; intel that may just be the only thing that will stop Bianca’s pursuers from claiming victory.

Karen Robards never fails. Author of over forty books, she has earned the awards and accolades she’s achieved. This is one lady who never seems to run out of thrilling ideas and characters, so make sure not to miss this fast-paced series.

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