“Shattered Mirror” by Iris Johansen


By Iris Johansen

Fans of this author will always agree that going back into her character, Eve Duncan’s, life is a whole lot of fun. After all, Eve is one suspense gal who has been operating for a long time, always solving spell-binding stories along with her web-like supporting cast who add extra danger and adventure at every turn.

This time out, Forensic Sculptor Eve Duncan is getting involved in a game of pure intrigue. As per usual, this new danger begins with Eve reconstructing a new skull, trying to place a “face” on the bones that are all that’s left of this particular life. What is not “per usual” is the fact that this skull comes to her in a package that is more than cryptic, seeing as that Eve has no idea who sent it. Also, the skull is not in the package all by itself; also included is a two-sided mirror that makes Eve want to solve this puzzle even more.

As she works, a woman appears before her. But the creepiness factor rises when Eve finds herself standing in front of this dead woman’s twin sister. We are talking about a true “mirror image” here, and a story that will have Eve and her team traveling to various locations to stop a killer who seems to be intent on taking people out in order to get exactly what they want.

Murder, intrigue, danger…these are certainly things that Eve has dealt with before. However, this could end up being the puzzle that leaves this famous sculptor as nothing more than a pile of bones.

Bravo again to Iris Johansen. She remains an author who never runs out of ideas that are absolutely unforgettable.

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