“The Torch Betrayal” by Glenn Dyer


By Glenn Dyer

In this World War II thriller inspired by true events, OSS Agent Conor Thorn, races across Europe on a mission to locate missing battle plans for Operation Torch—the invasion of North Africa—before they fall into enemy hands.

Along with M16 super-agent, Emily Bright, they uncover a maze of deception leading from London to the Vatican. For the readers already familiar with double-crossing Soviet spies, such as Kim Philby, Dyer does a great job of weaving historical facts and figures through this tale of rip-roaring spy intrigue.

For Thorn, a man with a heavy-heart and a career on the downside, this is his chance at redemption. Knowing he cannot afford to fail, he pushes the mission to the limit, accusing one of Churchill’s own cabinet members of passing secrets to the Abwehr. In a tense gun battle that takes us into the waning pages of the novel, Thorn and Bright struggle against overwhelming forces in an attempt at a successful mission. When the one chance exposes itself, Britain’s Nazi mole is also almost exposed in the aftermath.

In his sizzling debut, Dyer feeds us frenzied spy-tale for the ages in this first book of the series. His reflections of the world in 1942 are an accurate portrayal of the times our fledgling OSS cut their teeth on, and their achievements to help end the war

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