“Lake Silence” by Anne Bishop


By Anne Bishop

The Others is a top-notch series. With this book, Bishop now enters into an off-shoot series titled, The World of the Others, and this first story is absolutely fantastic.

Vicki DeVine is a woman who has gone through a divorce after being married to a rotten guy. What she got out of the marriage, besides the inability to open up her heart to another, is a piece of property called The Jumble. Being the sole owner, she has put everything she has into restoring the rustic cottages and main house located beside Lake Silence which abuts the Village of Sproing. The Others, who are predators that control most of the land throughout the world and all of the water, rules this area. The Others include everything from vampires who are, literally, bloodsucking attorneys, CPA’s, etc.; and shifters that include everything from the Crowgard to the Beargard. Vicki must call the human police, however, when her lodger Aggie Crow stumbles across a dead body.

Officer Wayne Grimshaw who wants no part of Sproing finds himself reassigned here. He discovers an old buddy of his, Julian, in Sproing. Julian has a special gift for knowing/seeing bad things. Because of a nightmare event during his time as a cop, Julian now runs a small bookstore that sits across the road from the police station. Wayne asks Julian for his help; people want to pin this murder on Vicki, even though it’s clear no human could’ve killed the man.

Joining forces, with even a vampire attorney named Ilya Sanguinati pitching in his services to help Vicki, these people strive to find a killer and stop other humans from taking over the property. Because if they do, creatures galore will turn The Jumble into one giant Bloodbath.

The scenery, the characters, the creatures, the wit, you name it, everything is perfect in The World of the Others. It will be thrilling to see where this author’s incredible imagination goes next

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