“If I Die Tonight” by Alison Gaylin


By Alison Gaylin

The Hudson Valley is a peaceful area in New York State where only a small amount of law and order is needed to keep citizens safe. But in the town of Havenkill, bloodshed is about to happen and a case of monumental proportions is on the horizon.

We begin with a Facebook letter posted by Wade Reed, saying goodbye to the ones he loves (mother, Jackie, and brother, Connor). Apparently, the law is after him, and he believes he’s heading towards death at the age of 17.

Jackie Reed is a woman with issues. Ever since her husband divorced her for his much younger assistant, she has been trying desperately to raise her two boys. But the older they get, the less Jackie seems to understand them.

Pearl Maze is a new cop in the historic town; she prays that she can bury her tragic past while also hoping that the broken building she works in now doesn’t fall down on her head.

Out of the blue, an 80’s icon from the music world, Aimee En, ends up in the Havenkill PD stating that a teenage boy stole her expensive car while she was driving through town. She states that another boy heard her screams and came from out of the darkness to save her. His name was Liam Miller and was apparently hit by the car. Liam loses his life and the hit-and-run soon becomes a case of murder. When the car is found, stories begin to change.

The author does a fantastic job of offering up all points of view, from Wade’s look at what went wrong in his life to even Connor’s revelations about what his older brother asked him to hide. Readers will not notice they’re holding their breath while turning the pages of this one, because the action never stops, and sometimes the darkness feels as if it’s creeping into your own home

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