“Drastic Measures” by Dayton Ward


By Dayton Ward

Fans of Star Trek: Discovery will love this look back at a major historical event in the Trek mythos while also delving deeper into the characters of Philippa Georgiou and Gabriel Lorca. Set 10 years before Michael Burnham commits treason and the Klingon War begins, Georgiou leads a team of people to assist in aiding the colony on Tarsus IV. Lorca and his team watch in horror as the governor of the colony, Adrian Kodos, implements a solution to the crisis that will be remembered for all of the wrong reasons.

Ward is a fan of the Star Trek franchise, and he is also a terrific writer. He does a great job utilizing what diehard fans already know and still gives the proceedings a unique spin. He also creates a great story even if you haven’t seen the new series. Perfect for fans of Star Trek and those who just like a good sci-fi thriller.

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