“Agent In Place” by Mark Greaney


By Mark Greaney

Right off the bat the incredible author of The Gray Man series puts the reader in a chair and turns up the action to a neck-breaking speed.

The foundation of the tale has Court Gentry being hired to pull off a dangerous mission. A group of ex patriots living in Paris want to kidnap the mistress of dictator, President Ahmed Azzam. Azzam is the President of Syria and the husband of First Lady, Shakira. The mistress, fashion model Bianca Medina, is the one they wish to kidnap, however, because they feel that if they can upset the President they will have the upper-hand in getting the Syrian regime to finally fall.

But as it always is with these stories, there is an ‘unknown’ that wasn’t counted on when the deal was struck; Bianca has just announced the arrival of her baby boy, letting the world know that the only heir to the dictator’s throne is her son. Which not only makes for good headlines, but also introduces a real threat to the President’s powerful wife.

Let’s just say that Court needs all the luck he can get, because in order to attain Bianca’s cooperation, he will have to somehow bring the boy out of Syria alive. But can he do even more than that? After all, with this mission he could be at just the right place and time to see this brutal dictatorship blown to smithereens.

Greaney is known in a variety of circles, seeing as that he was one who took over the writing of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series for a time. He has certainly proven to be one of the best in the business when it comes to writing stories of pure action and adventure. For those who already follow the path of The Gray Man, they already know that this character engages the mind from word one, and this newest title is no exception to that rule.

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