“Lucky Supreme” by Jeff Johnson


By Jeff Johnson

This is what you’d call a “fun read.” Quick, thrilling, this is a novel filled with many crimes and is just the beginning of what looks to be a very interesting trilogy.

Main character, Darby Holland, is the owner of a tattoo parlor located in the Old Town area of Portland, Oregon: Darby and his cohorts have created their very own “area” during the gentrification of their community.

A phone call to Darby from a friend tells him that Jason Bling, a former employee who quit some months ago, has resurfaced up in Santa Cruz. Jason supposedly has stolen some original tattoo designs by well-known designer, Roland Norton. Darby sets out for Santa Cruz, along with some friends who are all a little strange. Here, he confronts the thief and figures out that Bling’s new boss, who owns a mini-mall in San Francisco, may have been the real one behind the theft.

Darby also has other scores to settle, and will face new ones to save his own reputation. Seems that he is a man full of secrets and the tattoo parlor may have just been a place to hide from all of them. From a war between Darby and a very rich collector who follows him back to Old Town; to crimes and tales that land Darby in a sea of federal agents, this is one plotline that keeps readers excited until the very end.

A thrill ride that never lets up, this reader is definitely looking forward to the next book in this series.

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