“Every Last Lie” by Mary Kubica


By Mary Kubica

As we all know, this is the author who brought about the bone-chilling book, “The Good Girl,” and now she’s back with one of the creepiest, dark, intense tales out there in the world today.

A man and his four-year-old daughter are in a car crash. Wife, Clara Solberg, is in shock, horror, happiness and more than a little confusion when her husband is taken away from her, yet her daughter comes out of the crash completely unscathed. Trouble is, the child is also having nightmares and acting strange. Strange to the point where Clara believes there is a whole lot more than just a simple “car accident” behind her husband’s death.

Desperate for the truth, and obsessed, Clara searches for explanations and answers. What she finds, however, throws her into a twisted world that will scare the reader to death. The emotions that Clara feels show a dark mind that has been scorched by anger and grief and a need to explore something that should have been left alone.

As it was with “The Good Girl,” Kubica delivers pure fiction, but in a way that is far creepier because her plot can certainly be truth in the blink of an eye. A mind can change; it can be altered by the world around them, and watching a “normal” person delve into the depths of murder, horror and evil is more frightening than literally anything on earth. I assume you will see this one “in a theatre near you” very soon.

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