“Drowning Tides” by Karen Harper


By Karen Harper

When Claire Britten, Forensic Psychologist, started working with Nick Markwood, a lawyer on the South Shore project, she didn’t have a clue that it would mean danger for her and her daughter, Lexi. However, when the young girl comes up missing from their Florida home, Nick seems to be sure as to who is responsible for the disappearance.

Now, any reader who has already partaken of the first incredible book in this series, “Chasing Shadows,” will be thrilled to know that in this tale you will finally be told how that cliffhanger comes out, seeing as that this story picks up exactly where the first left off.

As the tale progresses, Nick must deal with the fact that Lexi has been taken by a man from his own past who actually ended his father’s life. Now the man is going after these new people in his world. Nick always knew that he, himself, was in danger from this man, but the kidnapping of a child was certainly not what he expected. Heading to the Cayman Islands, he and Claire will race to find Lexi and unearth the past Nick has kept quiet for a good, long time.

Full of action, murders, and twists and turns galore, this second book in the South Shore series by Karen Harper smacks you upside the head again and again. Just when you believe wholeheartedly that you have everything figured out, something new happens and sends you on a completely different path. My advice: Don’t get too comfortable. Not only are things not as they seem, but you have to remember that the incredible mind of Harper has a book three in this series coming up. In other words, there will be more answers to come.

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