“Death of a Lobster Lover” by Lee Hollis


By Lee Hollis

This awesome cozy focuses on three women and their vacation far away from their hum-drum lives; a vacation that is literally doomed from the very start.

Hayley, Liddy and Mona are getting away from it all by heading to Mona’s uncle’s cabin located in the small town of Salmon Cove, Maine. Jumping into Liddy’s Mercedes, they head out completely excited to get in all that rest and relaxation. Each of the girl’s has their own reason to be happy: Hayley is a divorced food columnist and always on the lookout for new foods to write about; Mona is just happy to be away from her husband and wild children; and Liddy just wants to get away from her boyfriend for a while.

What they forgot to do was look at the cabin before showing up. Talk about a dump, with no indoor plumbing, Liddy refuses to stay there. Unfortunately, the hotel is booked. With Liddy beyond frustrated, she’s ready to turn around and head home until…she runs into a drop-dead gorgeous travel writer named Jackson Young. All of a sudden the cabin is looking a whole lot better.

When they head to the local bar, readers are introduced to truly odd and beloved citizens, including one by the name of Corey who Mona still has feelings for after all this time. Liddy once again gets mad when Jackson stands her up for the lobster bake. Of course, she has to forgive him when he is found dead on the beach: strangled.

By this time, Hayley has already had a run in with Sheriff Daphne Wilkes, who clearly wants them gone. Hayley, who has a lot of history when it comes to sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong, investigates the murder of the writer and ends up behind bars. Who is the murderer? You can find out only if you read the book.

A really fun tale, this is one you will sit and enjoy thoroughly.

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