“Blame” by Jeff Abbott


By Jeff Abbott

“Blame” is a genuine page-turner!

We begin with a car crash in Austin, Texas that takes away seventeen-year-old Jane Norton’s memory and the life of her best friend’s boyfriend, David Hall. Investigators at the scene find a note, written by Jane before amnesia set in, that blames her for actually killing the boy, and not just by accident. Not knowing what happened, Jane is unable to imagine that she intentionally crashed her car, let alone wanted to kill David, even though she is unable to offer an alternative explanation.

Two years go by before someone named Liv Danger posts a message online telling the world of social media that she knows what actually happened the night David Hall was killed and pledging vengeance against Jane. Jane, already guilt-ridden, assumes that this is a cruel joke until someone begins to target everyone connected with the crash.

The closer that Jane gets to retrieving her memory and discovering who exactly this “Liv Danger” is, the more she is sure that there is a conspiracy against her. The whole town seems to be turning away from her, as this terrific tale with terrific characters seems to fly by because it’s that fast-paced and that incredibly written. Looking for great twists and turns? Author Jeff Abbott has definitely provided them with “Blame.”

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