“Seeds Of Deception” by Sheila Connolly


By Sheila Connolly

Winter has come, and Meg and Seth have recently gotten married and are getting ready to go away on a honeymoon. They have chosen to visit Monticello (Thomas Jefferson’s famous orchards) and, on their way back home, are planning to stop in New Jersey to visit with Meg’s folks.

When they arrive at Meg’s parent’s house, however, they find that the dead body of the gardener/handyman was found in their backyard after they had returned from watching Meg and Seth’s wedding. Meg is beginning to think that her parents want to just ignore the situation and hope that it will go away. Since that’s not going to happen, Meg starts to investigate on her own. Now, her parents don’t think Meg should help, but Meg is more than worried about blame being cast on her family by the town’s Chief of Police who is not fond of her father.

But the violence has not yet ended. Meg’s father’s law partner is harmed as he is entering their office; this new crime makes Meg’s father change his mind and begin to help her unravel the mystery. With a miserable police chief looking at Meg’s father as the number one suspect, Meg and Seth cut their honeymoon short to find out exactly what happened.

“Seeds of Deception” is a good cozy read, but the characters are so well-written that if you haven’t read the others in the series, you should definitely do so. When Meg and Seth return home to their own orchard in 2017, it will be interesting to see what crops up.

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