“Death of a Ghost” by M.C. Beaton


By M.C. Beaton

This fabulous story by M.C. Beaton featuring Police Sergeant Hamish Macbeth is, as usual, a real gem.

Hamish hears some information about a haunted castle located not too far away. He begins with the assumption that the strange noises and moving lights being reported by the villagers, are just being made by some local teens smoking pot, or worse. To calm the rumors, Hamish chooses to spend the night, along with Policeman Charlie Carson for back-up, at the seemingly haunted castle. Things go quite well at first. In fact, nothing suggests haunting or foul play until…Charlie takes a header through the floor and comes face to face with a very old, dead corpse.

As Hamish was looking around, he sees Charlie fall into the cellar. Along with his very shocked policeman, Hamish stares at the body propped up against the wall. What’s worse, however, is that while they are waiting for back-up the two men decide to go for some food. When they return, the body is nowhere to be found. It’s certainly apparent that something is not quite right inside the castle, but is it a ghostly demon playing games; or is there a murderer who will do anything to hide his crime?

This is a fast-paced story that includes tricks and plotlines galore. From murder to drugs to romance, Beaton provides many new characters while also bringing back some old favorites. Hamish, as always, is a riveting character that sees many things the others cannot, and when the bodies start piling up, Hamish’s talents bring everything to a shocking, thrilling close.

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