“Death Among The Doilies” by Mollie Cox Bryan



By Mollie Cox Bryan

This is the very first book in a new series called the Cora Crafts Mysteries and is a whole lot of fun!

The setting is Indigo Gap, North Caarolina, where Cora is renewing her life after having dealt with a situation causing her to suffer PTSD. Cora is a craft blogger, hosting a crafting retreat in her new residence, an old Victorian home referred to as the Kildare House.

Jane Starr and her daughter, London, live in the carriage house on Cora’s “estate.” Jane is a very talented potter who, in the past, tried to kill her abusive ex-husband, Neil. A candle maker, Ruby O’Malley also came with the house and lives in the gardener’s cottage. Ruby’s son, Cashel, is a lawyer who spends a great deal of time assisting friends of his mother.

Poor Sarah Waters, the school librarian, is murdered, and Jane becomes a person of interest; not only because of her background but also because of a distinctive problem with her fingerprints. As they are attempting to clear Jane of the murder, Cora and Cashel want to interview Josh Waters, Sarah’s ex-husband. But when they get to Sarah’s home, they find out Josh, too, has met his maker.

Author Mollie Cox Bryan is highly skilled at offering wonderful characters and a whole lot of humor, but at the same time mixing it all with truly serious issues such as, domestic violence and the after-effects that it has on victims.

Fast-paced, mystery lovers will be thrilled with the suspense, romance and the author’s ability to keep readers guessing. And in the back of the book there are directions for some pretty cool craft projects, including; making candles, soaps, and bird feeders. This new series is sure to have a long life.

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