“Abstract Aliases” by Ritter Ames


By Ritter Ames

It is New Year’s Eve in London and Jack and Laurel are among the celebratory crowd ushering in the brand new year, when an old acquaintance of theirs finds them in the middle of all the merriment. And just like that…this third tale in the author’s Bodies of Art Mystery series takes off as fast as a speeding locomotive.

Old opponents are beginning to resurface and art recovery specialist, Laurel Beacham, is trying to keep her busy business from driving her bonkers while also keeping up with her partner in crime, Jack Hawkes.

Laurel is in her office one day when it’s suddenly invaded by several strange men. She and Cassie, Laurel’s assistant, escape out the emergency exit and, from then on, the games begin. Jack and Laurel must track art thieves from London to Italy, France to Germany and then back again, following a series of clues that sometimes lead to nothing more than dead ends. The good guys don’t stand out from the bad, and as Jack and Laurel become stumped as to who can be trusted, bodies begin to pile up all around them.

This author is sheer perfection when it comes to using descriptions and locations that are richly done and offer sharp details throughout the entirety of the story. Some of the mysteries are solved, some not, which lets readers know that they will have many terrific installments of this series to come. The twists in this story will keep you reading until the amazing end and, for those who fall in love with these as much as this reviewer has, I would recommend reading the entire series in order: “Counterfeit Conspiracies,” “Marked Masters,” and now this incredible, “Abstract Aliases.” Have a great deal of fun while delving into the art trade filled with betrayal, old secrets, greed, and some extremely strange gifts. This author continues to produce 5-Star reads!

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