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Into the BIZARRE!!!

Hello Everyone,

Like I mentioned before we will have a very special blog coming soon.  It will be placed here and updated daily for you to read and follow.  We are very excited to have with us two people that will bring this cat and mouse game into your house.  First we will have a serial killer that will walk you through their mindset.  Some of the posts can be very disturbing, so consider yourself warned.  Second we will have the cop that is chasing the serial killer, giving you insight into procedures into what it takes to catch a killer, if they can.

The chase will take place in Los Angeles, CA, with the killer giving clues to whereabouts, victims and who they are.  The cop is on the chase of this mouse and hopefully tracking them down in time, before the killer leaves and will never be heard from again.

We believe this is the first time that you will have the first hand accounts from both sides and hope you enjoy this.


Suspense Magazine

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