Suspense Magazine is proud to have from the Cliffhanger Literary
Amanda Crum
Quick bio from Amanda Crum herself:

"I am a freelance writer from Lexington, Kentucky and am
currently at work on my third novel, tentatively titled “The
Wilds”.  My most recent novel, “The Fireman's Daughter”, will be
published and available in bookstores soon.  My published
works include:

*August/2007—Debate article published on
(“Should J.K. Rowling allow the characters in the Harry Potter
series to become more romantically involved?”)

*September/2007—Short story, “Delta Ghosts”, published on

* January/2008—Took part in the “Breakthrough
Novelist Awards” contest.  The novel, “The Fireman's Daughter”,
was published on their website.

June/2008--Short story, “Three Perfect Cigarettes”,
published on's site.

* June/2008—Article, “Decoding Food Cravings During
Pregnancy”, published on

* July/2008—Short story, “Andy Williams and The Boys of
Company B”, published on  

*July/2008—Short story, “Andy Williams and The Boys of
Company B”, chosen by the content editor of
to be part of a contest in which the four winning stories are
published in an anthology.

*July/2008--Won third place in the “Next
Great Thriller Writer” contest for my novel, “The Fireman's
Amanda Crum has given us
another story to read, so here
it is!
Amanda was one of the first authors we
published on the Suspense Magazine.  It is
exciting to see her back with a brand new
agent and hopefully on bookshelves soon!!