Alex Bloodworth
Alex Bloodworth has two books published by Wolf Pirate
The Serpent and the Saul and The Unfaithful.  Alex is a
fantastic writer, with great stories to tell. It is an honor
that we found him.  Both of his books are available right
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Bloodworth’s Game Page
I believe in making reading fun, even if the subject matter is deep, dark, and frightening.  You
wouldn't be reading it if you didn't like that stuff to begin with.  But let's make it fun, too.  So, in
the upcoming months, I'll be posting questions on my site for readers to answer.  Some answers
can be found in a particular book or books, and some have to be intuited from the story.

Those who get the answers right will get their names posted on the site in a sort of Hall of Fame.  
Thos who post more than 50 points will get their next book free, provided it's one of mine.

Check below for this questions!!  To contact Alex please email him at:
A word from Alex Bloodworth:
When what appears to be a robbery gone bad suddenly turns out to be something much more
complex and appalling, Sergeant Stephen Shendly and his team of homicide detectives are faced
with the biggest case the country has yet to see. Their investigation leads them to discover a
suspect more cunning and evil than any they’ve ever encountered before.  And with good
reason.  Their suspect isn’t a man at all, but a devil of sorts—or maybe the one and only himself.
Given this overwhelming obstacle, Shendly and his team must not only figure out a way of taking
him into custody, but how to prosecute him for the crimes he’s committed.  
Professional hockey defenseman, Adam Mogilvy, is suddenly called home from a road
trip to deal with a sick child.  Arriving home, he discovers his wife and neighbors brutally
murdered and their killers still lurking in the vicinity  Before he can escape with his infant
daughter, Adam must first face the unwritten fate of his own execution, which
unexpectedly alters the course of destiny.  The tragic events of that night pull Adam into
an epic battle between good and evil that transcends the bounds of all reality and turns
him into something no one anticipated.

1.   What political party does Senator Whitmore belong to?
10 points

2.   What is the name of Senator Witmore’s last adjutants?
10 points

3.   Who started the fire at the house? (a guess)
5 points

4.   What is Damaso’s preferred drink?
10 points.

5.   Here’s an easy one: Who is Saul in the story?
5 points

6.   What is Facil’s real name? (difficult)
50 points

7.   What police department does Shendly work for?
20 points

8.   What is the name of the method of execution Facil used on one of his victims?
15 points

9.    What is the name of the group who pulled off the multiple bank robberies?
10 points

10.  Extra credit (You’ll have to guess) What is Facil really up to?  
30 points

What is the name of the priest who baptized Adam Mogilvy’s  daughter?   
10 points

2.   What is the real name of Drudge’s bats?  
20 points

3.   What is the term Sophocles used to refer to Adam that Markey misinterpreted?  
10 points

4.   What title does Drudge call Sophocles?  
10 points

5.   What team does Adam last play against, before being called home? The team name.  
15 points

6.   What medical condition does Marie die of? This may not be as obvious as you think.   
20 points

7.   The clues are there.  What team does Adam play for?  
20 points

8.   What was the number of penalty minutes Adam had in his last season?   
15 points

9.   This is easy.  What type of bird clues Grace in as to where Adam might be located?  
5 points

10. Extra credit.  You’ll have to guess.  Did Adam ever die?  
30 points
Interview with Alex Bloodworth
1.  Biggest Inspiration:
That would be someone who isn't well-known but means a lot to me.  He was once a lieutenant in the department I work for but is
now in the State Department, as a consular officer.  He didn't teach me a thing about writing, but he taught me a lot about ethics,
which isn't something a lot of people put much faith or weight in anymore.  He's still alive and doing well in some corner of the world,
and he keeps inviting me out to wherever it is he's holed up.  I'm just waiting for him to get stationed in Tahiti to take him up on his
generosity.  So, Dorian Hurtado, this Bud's for you.

2.  Favorite all-time book:
That's difficult.  I go through spurts with favorites, but I'm a big fan of Simon Green and I love his Nightside series.  My favorite
book of the moment is Agents of Light and Darkness.  I just love the macabre take on angels gone bad.

3.  Research time:
I research the hell out of things.  Some of the stuff I write about is completely new to me, so I have to set the writing aside and pull
out the reference material.  I've got tons of it, from a comprehensive world Atlas, navigational charts, encyclopedia, Google Earth,
and Mapquest.  I try not to rely solely on the internet, since you can't vouch for the sources, and I do turn to buying books on the
area I'm researching for competent authority.  I wrote one book set in the Vatican, and in the absence of going there myself, I got
books on the whole place, complete with pictures and diagrams to describe scenes and settings.  If it's at all possible, I will take a trip
to the area I'm writing about.  I don't look at it as going overboard, as long as I take a friend with me and make it fun.  One day, I'll
have to write a book set in Vegas.  
So the answer to the question is: a hell of a long time.

4.  iPod content:
I like some of the classic rock.  AC/DC, Led Zepplin, Aerosmith, Motley Crew.  But I still carry some over from the era of the
eighties and nineties.  The Cure, Ministry, Depeche Mode.

5.  Superstitions:
I'm not a very religious man, and I'm not afraid to mock God--or other minor deities--for fear of lightening strikes.  However, I have
a lot of respect for the sport of hockey and believe in not shaving during the playoffs.  I don't think I have any particular quirks when
it comes to writing, other than I don't like people around me when I am writing.  So, maybe I do have a quirk after all.  

6.  Mystery to solve:
The origin of life.  That's always a big one I've wondered about.

7.  Dead or Alive conversation:
Very easy.  Judas Iscariot.  My second book from The Serpent and the Saul series is The Angel's Iscariot.  I'd like to know if Judas
was friend or foe to Jesus.  My bet is he got a raw deal; but was it from God, or from the writers who bring us the Bible.  Either way,
he got screwed.  I say we make up a paid holiday in his name.

8.  Publishing story:
Not much to tell there.  I know the owner of the publishing company.  Is that nepotism?  Actually, it's not a matter of who came first,
the publisher or the writer.  I wrote; she had the vision, capital, and interest to start a company.  She took me on as her first writer,
and I vowed to stick it out with her, through thick and thin.  I respect what she's doing in the area of trying to bring great books to
readers, and I'm happy to be a part of the company.  No one really understands that.  They can only see how much profit margin
they're clearing.  But Wolf Pirate make sure a lot of its books are actually given to people who normally wouln't have a chance to get
them.  I don't think I'd leave Wolf Pirate even for a big money contract from a traditional house.  I feel like I'm part of a family here.

9.  Future plans:
Wow, there's a lot there.  The Serpent and the Saul is a planned series, as will be The Unfaithful.  There's something special going on
in that respect, but I'm not going to give it away.  I'm going to alternate between those two in how they're released.  I will admit this:
both series get very involved and complicated.  There's a lot packed into each book and I'm glad Wolf Pirate isn't afraid of publishing
long books.  There simply isn't a way to chisel these epic-length tales down.

10.  Recreation:
I like the water.  I'm into fishing (catch and release only), and go all around the hot fishing spots.  I like traveling and getting away
from it all.  I'm known for going to different cities just to see a concert or hockey game, something I can do at home--but where's the
fun in that.  
Suspense Magazine Review
The Unfaithful starts off strong and immediately provides the reader with an intense
and gut wrenching opening. You can't help but root for our hero, Adam, as he sets
out to make things right. Alex Bloodworth leads us through an edge-of-your -seat
ride from beginning to end. The only thing we are left with is when can we read
more about Adam and his quest for justice and revenge.
Suspense Magazine Review
Ever wondered about the evil people that cause such a scare in society and what it takes
to catch them and put them behind bars? What if the police caught evil itself or in this
case, the one who claims to be the most inspiring agent of evil, Satan himself.
Serpent and The Saul
, authored by Alex Bloodworth, takes us through such a scenario.
The reader should be ready for a ride through the trial and the events that lead up to the
capture and trial of the dark angel himself. An interesting read with questions of faith,
politics, and current social topics.