By: Toni Star        

Several months ago I was taking a leisurely drive down a country road.  It was the beginning of fall and it
was beautiful.  The leaves were so bright that they almost blinded me.  I was looking ahead towards the
right side of the road.  I could just see what looked like a church spire sitting in the distance.  As I slowly
drove down the road, I could see that the spire was part of an old church.  My curiosity wetted, I turned
right into the lane that lead back to the church.  I had to be careful since the lane was somewhat
overgrown with weeds.  Slowly, as the church drew nearer, I could see that it was old, I guessed about
two hundred years.  The church windows were boarded up, the spire seemed to be tilting towards the
left.  I noticed that the basement windows were unboarded.  It seemed a bit odd.  I sensed that at one
time this church had had a good life, providing comfort and joy to all its parishioners.  But now it just
sat there, no one interested in its well being anymore.  Yet, the basement windows intrigued me.  As I
looked out from my car, I surveyed the land immediately surrounding the church.  It was hard to make
out details with the high weeds.  However, as I continued to scan, I thought I saw something sticking up
among the weeds.  I tried to look closer but couldn’t quite make it out.  My curiosity getting the better of
me, I walked over to the far right side of the church.  Getting closer, I could see what looked like old
head stones.  I stomped down the weeds around the headstones.  I knelt down to read the inscriptions.  
The first read, “Jonathon Smith, Born 1847 Died 1859, Son of Emma and Paul Smith.”  I walked over to
the second headstone but I could not make out the inscription.  Weather and time had worn down the
face of the headstone.  I stood up and scanned the area.  I counted thirty-five head stones among the
weeds.  I walked among the small monuments.  Suddenly, a chill came over me.  I pulled my jacket closer
to my body.  Then, there it was!  An open grave; freshly dug.  The grave was about six feet deep and
eight feet long.  I was puzzled.  What was this open grave doing here among such forgotten remains?  I
pondered for a few minutes.  No answer.  I turned around to leave.  Staring at me was an old man, no
more than a foot away.  Why didn’t I hear him approach me?  I was startled and a bit angry.  I could feel
the adrenaline surging through my body.  I felt like I would faint.  I looked to my left, no one.  I looked to
my right, no one.  But standing right in front of me was this old, craggy looking man.  My mind raced.  
What to do?  I had nothing to defend myself with except my purse.  I tried to remember.  Where do you
hit a man to do the most physical damage?  Then I remembered.  The groin.  A swift kick upward at full
force would incapacitate any man.  I was ready.
He smiled maliciously, exposing a few teeth and said, “Sorry to startle you ma’am but this here is private
property and you’re trespassing.  Didn’t you see the sign down by the road?”  He seemed a bit too
happy his inquisition.
I replied as forceful as I could and said, “No.  Besides, I was leaving anyway.”
He shrugged, frustrated he didn’t cause a rile from me.  He said that would be a good idea and moved so
I could walk back to my car.  I don’t like it when people walk behind me.  I got quickly into my car,
started the engine but before I backed up he looked at me and said in a threatening voice, “Don’t bother
coming back here again, see?”  I nodded that I understood and raced back to the main road.  As I drove
home, I ruminated ruminating on what I had seen.  But first, I made a much-needed stop at a restaurant
nearby.  My bladder was almost out of control and I needed some comfort food.
Several days later around evening, I found myself traveling that country road again.  The weather was
warmer than usual, an Indian summer.  I guess my curiosity got the best of me.  I parked my car on the
side of the road, not far from the church.  I looked towards the church.  I saw no one.  I got out of my
car and opened the trunk.  I took out the tire iron, for protection.  The flashlight was nearby, so I
grabbed it too.  It was close to nine o’clock.  A full moon was slowly rising.  I wanted to know what was
going on in that lonely, desolate place.  I walked up the lane scanning in all directions for any
movements.  I didn’t want to run into “him” again.
I was now crouching low outside the church peering into a small basement window.  It wasn’t long before
I heard what sounded like moaning sounds and then a horrible smell!  Seconds later I saw what
appeared to be six hooded figures holding small-lit candles.  They had formed a small intimate circle and
were chanting around an old crypt.  As they chanted, odor and smoke began to increase, causing an
eerie fog to appear.  It was a sinister sight!
As far as I could tell a kind of ceremony was taking place.  From the sounds of the low, monotonous
droning, it had to be satanic or witchcraft.  My pulse began to quicken and my stomach felt uneasy.  I
felt as if I would faint or die right on the spot.
The candles further revealed six hooded figures.  One figure in the middle was actually glowing!  
Suddenly, the hood fell back from its face.  I saw that it was a man.  He was no ordinary man.  He was
absolutely gorgeous!  His perfect body mesmerized my body and my mind.  My body felt frozen.  I could
not move.  This man had to be the most attractive man I had ever seen!  He was perfect in every way.  
His dark wavy hair accentuated his porcelain complexion.  His muscular body was sensual in every way.  
Desire and power reeked from every pore of his body.  His every move was compelling.  This was a man
few women could resist.
As the ritual came to an end, one of the hooded figures bent down to open a very large crypt.  The
“magnificent” one began to descend into the cold, dark crypt.  As he made his descent, I heard horrible
noises screaming from beneath the tomb.  The deeper he went into the crypt, the more pervasive was
the stench of smoke and noise.  It sounded as though many bodies were moving beneath the crypt.  
The ground both inside and outside of the church began to rumble and shake.  Beneath my feet the
ground became soft and unsteady, like unlike a small earthquake.
While the “perfect” one was in the crypt, an orgy of sex and human sacrifice occurred so demented and
dehumanizing---my mind buzzed with fear.  The sacrificial slayings and screams that poured forth from
that unhallowed ground no man or woman should ever witness!  It was clear that part of their religious
cult was cannibalism.
Seconds later, He appeared!
As he rose from the crypt, terror ripped through my heart!  What appeared before my eyes was a
hideous beast!  It was grotesque.  I couldn’t believe what I saw.  The Horror was unspeakable!  Where
once there was a handsome face that shone as the sun, there now was a bloody mass of gross
beastliness.  Long, dark hair sprouted from all over his body.  Protruding from six raging holes in his
disgusting head were six bloody inhuman eyes.  Drunk with the souls of the dead, it was a monster
greedy for more.  Its legs were massive and its feet shaped into two ugly hooves.  His huge bulking arms
were like ill-shaped branches of trees, ready to overpower and destroy.  Hordes of smoke bellowed from
his mouth and his fierce voice thundered, “More souls!”  His loud guttural sounds permeated everything
that dark, fall night.  What followed him out of the crypt had to come from hell.  Forty demons so ugly
and foul, their moanings for human souls echoed from the walls of the church basement.  It was a
nauseous sound.  Their crazed body movements and loud voices told the “creature” that they were
willing to do anything for him.
My heart was pounding!  I had to leave!  I ran so hard and fast I must have developed wings!  I ran in
such frenzy that I didn’t see the open grave only thirty feet away.  I fell straight in and landed on my
As I moved around groping for the tire iron, my hands felt something cold and clammy.  It was human
flesh!  My heart began racing.  I felt like I would die right there in the grave.  As I groped further, I heard
the scurrying of rodents.  Seconds later, I found the tire iron and flashlight.  My right hand grabbed the
flashlight and immediately I flipped it on.  I first saw the exposed legs of a man, old and hairless.  As I
inched the flashlight higher, I saw a face.  It was the old man!  His eyes had been gouged out and his
neck viciously slit from ear to ear.  The rodents had already torn off parts of his face and arms and
wanted more.  It was clear I was in the way.  Their squeals of hunger and fear were terrifying!
Filled with terror, I leaped from the pit!  I don’t know how I did it.  I just did!
Without looking back, I ran as if in a marathon.  Not knowing if I had been seen, I kept running.  I had to
be careful not to fall over the head stones.  I was blest with a full moon that night.  The light guided my
way.  I made for the far left of the cemetery, where my car was parked.  Finally, I reached my car.  I
happened to look back before I opened the door.  The orgy had ended and the creatures were filing out
of the church.  Two or three had spotted me and were running toward me.  Sweat began pouring from
all parts of my body.
Hurriedly, I opened the car door and got in.  Frantically, I reached for the car key, which I kept in the
small zippered compartment of my purse.  I can only say that I was awfully glad they were there.  Finding
the right key was pure frenzy!  In my rear view mirror I saw a creature with glowing eyes gaining on me.  
Finally I found the car key and put it into the ignition slot.  The car started and soon I was making my
getaway from the cemetery.
Two of the creatures were gaining on me fast as I drove through the cemetery.  Finally, I reached the
exit of the cemetery.  Luckily there was no traffic that night.  Just as I was ready to run the corner onto
the main street, one of t he creatures reached the driver’s side of the car.  As he tried to open the car
door, I quickly made the turn.  With lightning speed I opened and then closed the passenger door,
knocking him mercifully to the ground.  This gave me just enough time to put the pedal to the floor and
make my getaway.  As I looked into the rear view mirror, I saw him standing in the street glaring at me,
eyes of fire and of the damned.  Strangely, he smiled a horrible toothless grin, blood dripping from his
chin.  His face was livid with revenge and hate.  I could almost feel its hot, foul breath on the back of my
I live with fear day and night.  Will those beings find out where I live?  Will they be coming for me like
they did the old man?  Will they torture and kill me like they did him?  Those horrible words that night
echo in my brain, “I need more souls.”
I wonder if what so many are saying is true, that we’re living in the “end times.”  I wonder if anyone will
believe my story?  Will you?  Could this creature that I saw be the “beast” described in the Book of
Revelations from the Bible?  If what I saw was real, this creature will appear to the world as a shining
angel with great powers, but in truth be a ravenous Horror!  If what I saw was the Evil One, our souls
are in danger!  Be careful and be ready!
There is only one hope, God.  I just hope that I haven’t reached you too late.  Remember; don’t forget
the odor and the fog.  Don’t be deceived.  It will be a warning that he is near.
The Church